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Discography ....mainly from way back when....
John Cooper Clarke,
the 'Bard of Salford'
Post-War Glamour Girl (1978)
Disguise in Love (1978)
Snap, Crackle and Bop (1980)
Zip Style Method (1982)
co-production with Martin Hannett
Pauline Murray Dream sequence (1980)
Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls (1980)
co-production with Martin Hannett
Jilted John,
aka Graham Fellows,
aka John Shuttleworth
True Love Stories (1978)
Love at the Hacienda (1985)
Co-production with †Martin Hannett and ‡Graham Fellows
Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds Kinnell Tommy (1978) Keyboards
Gordon The Moron Sold On You (parody single 1979) Music/Keyboards
Co-produced with M.Hannett
Nico All Tomorrow's Parties (cover 1982) Keyboards
Co-arranged with M.Hannett
The Bernhardts I hear you calling (1984) Keyboards
Gammer and His Familiars 'Rocket Ticket' (1981) 
'Won't look out' (1981)
Some Keyboards
Happy Mondays Bummed (1988) Keyboards on 'Lazyitis' and other tracks
Chris Sievey 'Baiser',  'Last' singles (1979) Keyboards
Morrissey 'Ouija board' single (1989) Keyboards
Distant Cousins Distant Cousins album (1989)
(sample  You used to)
Jazz DefeKtors The Jazz DefeKtors (1988)   (sample Star) Co-producer with the Jazz Defektors
Steve Hopkins & The Mercurian Accelerate! ((1981 indie album feat. Richard Darbyshire & Jane Martin)
(samples  Red    Secondhand)
The Invisible Girls
All Sorts of Heroes (Soundtrack of Animated Puppet Film 1976) Writer/keyboards
Zuzu Sharks
(founded by Steve Hopkins & Richard Darbyshire)
(sample After the ship's gone down 1984) Keyboards
Cathy la Creme and the Crotones I married a punk poet from Salford (1980)
(video 2012) by John Crumpton
Music composer, keys, production
Hannett + Hopkins - the invisible girls (2015 Factory Benelux) (sample Huddersfield wastes) Music composer, keys, production

Musical skills

Between 1970 - 1990, I earnt a living as a musician, mainly a session keyboard player and pianist, but also a composer, programmer, lounge lizard, record producer, teacher and recording engineer.

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