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I like to design and construct illuminated water features. I call them 'Lumifonts'.
The idea is to create magical visual effects with flowing water and light. I use some clever technology but conceal it behind natural-looking designs.

In particular I experimented a lot with the 'chromostrobic' lighting technique developed by kinetic light sculptor and friend Paul Friedlander.

Orrelwood Waterworks Logo Orrelwood Waterworks Logo Orrelwood Waterworks Logo

Around 2004, I ran a cottage craft start-up company 'Orrelwood Waterworks' aiming to sell Lumifonts. This was artistically successful - I made several beautiful objets d'art, but sadly it was financially inglorious.

Nowadays I just make them occasionally for my own amusement.

Lumifont water plume

Lumifont Animation

Creations and commissions