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The Very First Archangel Orchestra (1990)

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A bit of 1990 Xmas Archangel party at the Ardri Irish Club in Hulme.
Plus some short excerpts from rehearsals at Arden College.

What a line-up of music stars!

Steve Hopkins, Lyn Oakey, Ged Green, Mikey Wilson, Eryl Roberts, Chris Horniman, Sylvan Richardson, Steve Hall, Andy Hickey, Helen McKilveen, Doreen Edwards, Neil Shaw-Hulme, Ian Laing, Trumpet Anon, Andy Scott, Paul Cummings, Andy Williams, Gary Stabana, Jason Glover, Sax Anon, Steve Purslow

All songs are original, composed and arranged by Steve (Dr Hoppo) Hopkins.



Light Me Up Rehearsal

Light Me Up, Helen McKilveen

Now I'm Home, Paul Cummings

Now Or Never, Helen McKilveen

Persuasive, Helen McKilveen

Red Rehearsal

Red, Paul Cummings

Revolution Sky, Andy Williams

Sad Old Song Rehearsal

Sad Old Song, Doreen Edwards and Paul Cummings

Say You Will, Andy Williams

Take Five

Photos by Paul Hopkins to be added if he has any...

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