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Greetings earthlings,

photo of Steve Hopkins

and welcome to my personal web pages, as ever...'under construction'.

I spent the seventies and eighties as a musician (keyboard-player) with the occasional foray into plumbing. In the nineties, I started a second career as a research physicist, surviving as a perennial post-doc at various UK universities. I used lasers to cool and study atoms close to absolute zero. I retired recently (Dec 2016), and am now enjoying my freedom to pursue various creative interests, especially music with a new band, the impeccable Dr Hoppo's Urban Rooftops.

Those other interests include being a self-styled 'fountaineer', which means I design and build innovative illuminated water features. Meanwhile I collate random poetry, (other peoples), assemble curios, oddments and sodments, mess around with maths, work on my autobiographical trilogy and generally keep my brain stimulated!!!
As Meher Baba said: "Don't worry, be happy!"

Best wishes,
Dr Steve (Hoppo) Hopkins.